SP Duo JTAG Programmer


I started this project in 2003, while working on ATmega128-based hardware setup with JTAG for programming instead of SPI.  I was frustrated at how slow programming the part was with the Atmel JTAG-ICE, and stayed up one night hacking together a faster replacement programmer that used JTAG.  I was able to start using the programmer the next day for JTAG programming the ATmega128's flash, but it took a long time to build it into a full featured programmer compatible with all the parts in the AVR family.  The programmer takes about 20 seconds to program the full 128kB Flash of an ATmega128 using JTAG.

I added SPI programming in addition to JTAG to make a more complete AVR programmer.  A coworker started calling it the "Super Programmer", so combining that name with the dual SPI and JTAG features, I released it as the "SP Duo".  I did a basic hardware design but Harald Kipp of egnite made a much better design and started bundling the programmer with some AVR-based Ethernut development kits.  I sold the programmer through the embedded-creations.com site for a few years until the logistics of packing and shipping the product became a hassle.  As of now it is only available for purchase through egnite in Germany.

SP Duo

SP Duo

Current Status

The SP Duo can be purchased from egnite in Germany: egnite Shop

The most recent information on the programmer is at Ethernut: http://www.ethernut.de/en/isp/spduo.html

I am working on an Open Hardware JTAG programmer using an ATtiny85 and USB instead of RS232: Tiny AVR JTAG Programmer