Old Projects

RFB Image Format

Encode space-efficient images that can be decoded by microcontrollers with limited memory. 

MicroVNC (Revisited)

Write applications for an embedded display using graphical tools on the PC.

ATtiny85 USB Bootloader

Update USB code running on an ATtiny85 without needing a programmer

Older Projects

Tiny AVR JTAG Programmer

Program your AVR using JTAG with an inexpensive 8-pin ATtiny85.  Connects to AVRDUDE through USB

SP Duo JTAG Programmer

Program your AVR using ISP/SPI or JTAG with one device, compatible with AVRDUDE


A VNC client running on a microcontroller – a proof-of-concept demonstration of inexpensive remote display units used in the home


A port of Adam Dunkels’ free TCP/IP stack to the AVR series of microcontrollers

Office Scheduler

A wall-mounted device with touch screen LCD interface.  Allows visitors to an office door to view the occupants schedule and leave voice messages.

LCD Controller Board

A controller for the Sharp LM4k101 640×480 LCD panel, with a simple command based interface to draw shapes and text

Springboard Logic Analyzer

A 16-channel logic analyzer for the Handspring Visor, sampling at up to 20 MS/sec